Our Membership

James Damon, President

Nathan Camp
Patrick Carroll
Bill Carroll
John Allen French
Jim Grissom
Rodney Harris
Wendell Hogan
John Jackson
David Jansen
Becky Lindner
Red Pearcy
Allison Schaechtel
Dewrell Thompson
Scott Trammel

Mission Statement

Recognizing the important part Randolph County has played in Arkansas and U. S. history, it is the Mission of Five Rivers Historic Preservation, Inc. to preserve the significant history and vital heritage of Randolph County. Using private, local, state, and federal funds, we will endeavor to preserve and publicize structures and sites vital to that history and heritage. We will sponsor and participate in events and occasions that demonstrate or honor our history and heritage. With the help of members and other volunteers, we will establish a repository for local artifacts of significance. We will assist local governments and partner with other local groups in their efforts to preserve and demonstrate Randolph County’s story. We will encourage and facilitate the involvement of local volunteers in all our efforts.